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Answer the question

As a kid I admit to standing in front of a mirror, album liner notes in one hand, hairbrush in the other, and singing to my heart’s content. But I was also the person who looked at my reflection in the kitchen window, as I washed the dinner dishes, and made believe that Johnny Carson was interviewing me on the Tonight Show. At that time, his show was the ultimate, you didn’t get to sit on his sofa if you hadn’t already made it. Being invited to sit in a chair across from James Lipton on Inside the Actor’s Studio, by this morning’s NaBloPoMo prompt, sparked that memory.james lipton

The interview might go something like this:

James Lipton: What is your favorite word?

Mariposa Social: Bacon. Those two syllables make me smile. The word remind me of the days when bacon was expensive and we only ate it for special occasions. While I don’t eat it as much as I talk about it, it reminds me that I’ve come up in the world.

JL: What is your least favorite word?

MS: Now. I tend to be a procrastinator, always was. Hearing the word ‘now’ reminds me of my mother yelling ‘NOW!’ up the stairs. I’m sure I used it on my kids, but it’s not my favorite word at all.

JL: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

MS: I love seeing good things happen to people. Seeing a friend have a book published, have a show be successful or a recording get good feedback, all turn me on, especially if I supported them along the way.

JL: What turns you off?

MS: Anger. Angry words turn me off. There are some people who thrive on anger, I can’t. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and it turns my stomach. It’s probably one of the reasons why I run away from conflict.

JL: What is your favorite curse word?

MS: Anyone who knows me could answer this question for me, it’s fuck. Fuck in all its variations. I grew up in a household where jerk and stupid were considered vulgar, so as soon as I thought I was grown I expanded my vocabulary.

JL: What sound or noise do you love?

MS: For me there is nothing that sounds better than a baby giggling. Babies laugh with their whole body, there is no pretense with them. If something is funny they’re going to laugh.

JL: What sound or noise do you hate?

MS: I abhor the sound of the dentist’s drill, like many other people. It’s like two steps above hate. The runner up would be a vacuum cleaner. Both are just annoying sounds, one causes anxiety and the other reminds me that I need to vacuum my living room floor.

JL: What profession would you like to attempt?

MS: I wouldn’t mind getting into show business, but not in front of the camera. I would like to be a script supervisor and make sure that eagle-eyed people, like me,  have fewer errors to find. I enjoy finding errors like shadows that show on the wrong side than the previous scene or a character drinking from a coffee cup that has a closed vent.

JL: What profession would you not like to do?

MS: Anything that has to be done out of doors. Utility workers, Cable installers, newspaper delivery are just a few I can think of. I like my creature comforts and don’t like being too hot or too cold, both make me cranky.

JL: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

MS: Heaven does exist, and I hope I hear, “Come right this way, we have a mansion waiting for you and some people who have been eager for your arrival”. I believe that faith, forgiveness, and God’s grace will one day reunite me with the loved ones I’ve lost.