You want to see confusion?

You want to see confusion? Just ask me to do some math. Period. I am horrible at math. If there was a word for worse than horrible, that would apply to me. I still haven’t used the algebra, geometry nor trigonometry that I attempted to learn in high school. If math were required when I went to college, I would still be there. That’s how bad I am. English, history, anthropology, and sociology were where my light came out from under the bushel. Like, my kids roll their eyes when the dinner check comes, when we go out to a restaurant. I just hand it

When reliving my trip to Rio de Janeiro, I remembered an outing to Ipanema, when my husband and I visited a Louis Vuitton store. In my defense, he is the one who dragged me in there, but I wasn’t fighting too hard. We looked at their wares. Naturally, all the prices were in Brazilian Reales, but I had a handy, dandy solar powered calculator. He pushed me to pick something, but again, he didn’t need to push too hard. I made my choice and calculated the rate of exchange. The display showed $80 USD, so I turned to him and said, “That one”. He smiled and told the employee to wrap it up.

As she was taking care of the order, I continued to peruse the goods on display. I’m one of those people who absolutely loves calendars, so I looked at one of the agenda holders. Since the purse was only $80 USD, I figured that he wouldn’t mind if I added an agenda to the purchase, after all there was no way it cost more than the purse. My husband asked me if I wanted it, after so many years of marriage he knew of my obsession with calendars and agendas, God knows I’ve spent enough on them. So I entered the figures into my handy, dandy solar powered calculator and the total was $200 USD. What?! I turned to my husband and told him I didn’t want it. I couldn’t understand how an agenda could possibly cost more than a purse and I told him so. He just smiled.

When the employee brought my husband the bill, and I saw that the purse actually cost $800 USD, I just about swallowed my head. Not just my tongue, but my entire head. I asked him, under my breath, if we could get out of it. He said that he wanted me to have it. So, he signed the credit card receipt making me the owner of a purse that cost more than anything I owned, besides my car and house.

Decimal points are so important. Who knew? Jeez.


2 thoughts on “You want to see confusion?

  1. Well, I’d say that little disregard for the decimal point turned out in your favor! Never say no to, or question, a husband (or anyone really depending on the situation, and as long as there aren’t strings attached) offering to buy beautiful accessories. 🙂

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