Is that your final answer

“Oye, nena, do your Mami a favor. Pretty please.”

“Sigh, just google it, Mom.”google_logo_by_dracu_teufel666-d491ml0

“How do I find a good restaurant?”

“Sigh, just google it, Mom.”

“Please! I’ll let you be my favorite child!”


“I’m going to google myself some new children!”

And just like that, I ventured into the unknown world of google, that mysterious search engine that seemed to have the answer for everything (even stuff I didn’t really need to know). One time on Facebook, the new version of band camp, a couple of digital friends were discussing fleshlights. I thought they were misspelling the word but couldn’t figure out what that had to do with male reproductive organs. So I googled it. Alright, I don’t think I needed to know that and then I googled how to erase a computer history because I didn’t want the cops to confiscate my computer.

I’ve gotten better since then.

Last Thanksgiving, my toilet decided to act up while I had my family over. I had to borrow a plunger for the evening. Later I bought one. Not knowing how to use it correctly (don’t judge me) I hit google. It led me to a You Tube video and before you knew it, my toilet was flushing fine.

As the editor for Being Latino Online Magazine, I keep dictionaries, thesauruses, and the AP Stylebook on my desk to help when I’m stumped. Unfortunately, my desk is also the place where all the mail, notebooks, and miscellaneous papers wind up. My desk is the one area of my home that is not kept meticulously clean. So when I can’t excavate far enough to get to my books, I’ll google grammar and spelling sites. Yes, they work but you have to play with them sometimes.

Having grownup without the benefits of modern technology, I still know how to use card catalogues, microfiche, and data punch machines. I grew up with Webster’s Dictionary and Funk & Wagnells Encyclopedia. I was the nerd that knew how to thread the film through the projector when it was movie time in class. With that said, the use of a scanner and putting digital pictures in a folder absolutely stumps me.

So, today’s National Blog Post Month prompt is: Google and rescue operation. What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? I was kind of hoping that I needed to google something as the day went on but nothing came up. I have to go with my last google adventure, and that happened on Monday.

apple_wireless_keyboardI took Monday off from work. With Election Day on Tuesday, it would give me four days off from work. I’ve been working on a writing project, separate from the NaBloPoMo challenge, which means that I’ve been on my computer a lot. The wireless keyboard’s batteries were depleted and so I charged them. When I put the charged batteries back into the computer, the iMac wouldn’t/couldn’t read them. I took the batteries back out and reversed the polarity. Still not reading.

So I went to my laptop and hit google. “How to replace batteries in an Apple wireless keyboard”, I typed.  I don’t understand why a computer doesn’t come with a manual, but that’s an issue I’ve had to deal with on my own. Funny thing is that the Apple manual shows a picture of the keyboard with three batteries but I only had two in my hand. I gently slammed the keyboard on the desk to see if another one popped out. Nothing. I went back to my laptop to look at the manual again. This time I read the text instead of just looking at the picture. Ok, now it says two. I check the polarity. Put the batteries back in. The iMac is still not reading the keyboard.

What. The. Hell.

I couldn’t call my kids, they were on a flight home from their vacation. Sigh.

Back to the manual. I scroll through a few more pages until I found the ones specific to the keyboard.

“Turn on keyboard.”

I scrolled to a picture to find the power button. Sigh.

Boom. It worked.

What is the moral to this story? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even stupid ones. You’ll never learn if you don’t ask questions. You live alone and your kids have abandoned you (ok, that was harsh. I was actually  getting on their nerves. I acknowledge that, but I’m not sorry) google it. Google everything. Google yourself. Google your old flame. It didn’t work for me, but you never know what you’ll find out there.


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