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What a difference three years makes

Over the years, conversations with my daughters seemed to take funny turns.

E: Did you know that Bobby’s taking Tae Kwon Do classes?

J: Yea, I saw that. Working on his black belt.

E: Michelle’s finishing up her mid-wife studies.

J: That is so cool.

Me: How do you guys know all this? I haven’t heard any of this.

E & J: We saw it on Facebook, Mom!

Me: Facewho?

Yea, I was definitely behind the times. I resisted digital photography for a couple of years until finally allowing my kids to gift me with a camera. Now, that camera never leaves my side. I resisted Facebook until finally allowing my kids to sign me up. I am now a Facebook slut enthusiast. Thinking that Facebook was a social network for the young, my mind was changed when I saw that it would grant me an opportunity to keep in touch with my family members, the same way my kids were. I always did hate being the last one in the know.

So, my timeline tells me that I joined on April 13, 2009. Within weeks I had added my family and co-workers and shortly after that I was posting from my phone. Learning to post pictures took me a little longer because I was embarrassed to keep asking for help from my personal IT department (aka E & J). In May 2009, a new page showed up on my feed and I “liked” it immediately. Liking Being Latino was a life changer for me (as corny as that may sound) and probably one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. Because I never know how to do things halfway, I became one of those obsessive fans; liking, commenting, and sharing posts I read on the page became a daily activity for me. It wasn’t until July 2010, when I had the opportunity to meet and speak with BL staff, that I even considered writing for them.

With my kids’ blessings, I submitted my application and my first article  posted in September 2010. Since then, I’ve discussed my separation, my divorce, and defended Being Latino against critics. I’ve attended and written about events, movies, and theater productions; I’ve made life long friends along the way, and probably pissed off a few people. I was dubbed the Social Butterfly and went on to live that nickname to the fullest.

So here we are, three years later, balancing career, passion, family, and friends while trying to get enough sleep to sustain the energized pace I have demanded from my body. And I’m having the time of my life, because, you know, it was never all about me !

Pajamas to theater seat in fifty minutes

It was Good Friday, so I was home from work and just taking it easy after a day of errands. There was still an hour to go before the evening’s church service. I was on the phone with my daughter, Lana Del Rey was playing in the background, and I was watching the end of the Yankee game while flipping through a magazine in my lap. Multi-tasking at its best.

Suddenly my daughter says, “Titi’s calling me, I’ll call her back in a minute.” I tell her, “Well, that’s weird, she’s with her friends in NYC to see “Evita” tonight!” The next thing I know, my sister is calling me. Worried that something happened to her, I answered the phone. In a rush of words, my sister tells me that she met a couple of ladies who had flown to New York, from Puerto Rico, specifically to see Ricky Martin in “Evita” and they had an extra ticket that could be mine if I could get moving NOW.

Before she said the word ‘now’, I had already stripped my pajama bottom off. By the time I was back on the call with my daughter, I was pulling a sock onto my left foot, and my daughter was telling me to hurry. Unfortunately, I cleaned my room so there were no jeans hanging on the back of a chair, nor shoes on the floor. Precious seconds ticking away. The time was 7:11pm. Curtain goes up at 8:00. Yikes!!

A mad dash straight up a three-block hill and crossing a busy street, against the light, got me on a three-dollar jitney bus to 42nd Street. It took me ten blocks to get my breathing back under control while I swore to get to the gym more diligently. I had my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed as we headed towards the Lincoln Tunnel on a Friday evening. When I saw absolutely no cars waiting to enter the tunnel, I took a picture porque eso no pasa aqui.

Rushing up 9th Ave. in an attempt to avoid the Times Square tourist traffic paid off when I hit 45th St. at 7:55pm (five minutes to spare). It only cost me two hard shoulders; not to worry, I gave one out myself. By 8:03, I was in my seat introducing myself to my new Puerto Rican Fairy Godmothers listening to the details regarding how I came to be with them, instead of one of their family members.

Having been lucky enough to see the version with Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin (and having the score memorized) the revival experience was incredible. The pride of seeing Ricky Martin on the Broadway stage once again cannot be described. Luckily I get to do this again in May, when my daughters and I take my mother to see the show.

If you’re waiting for my review, you’ll have to wait while I write it for Being Latino.