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This one’s for the ladies

As a fan and lover of romance fiction, when you need to take a cold shower after reading a book, it gets a gold star from me. That’s exactly what happened to me when I had the opportunity to read Caridad Piñeiro’s newest offering, “Nocturnal Whispers.”

I was introduced to Caridad’s books through Alyssa Valdes-Rodriguez’, now defunct, ELLA Book Club. The English Language Latina Authors Book Club was a great way for me, a Latina reader, to be introduced to English language Latina writers who were writing the genre I secretly love the most. I wish that I could say that I read to learn new things; the reality is that I read for entertainment and I’m a big believer in happy endings. I like it when the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset.

The book opens with Lord Alec Wright in his bed, smelling myrrh, and fighting the sensual feelings brought on by a spirit who has been haunting him for eons. “Alec steeled himself against her touch, fighting the arousal she stirred so easily with her luscious beauty. Death had forever sealed her exquisiteness, and, with his selfishness, he had condemned them to be bound together until he fulfilled her one and only wish.” Alec knew exactly what his tormentor wanted and why. He knew that he was the one to blame for this torment; he also knew that he would have to find a way to appease his tormentor.

We meet Dr. Kate Morton, a curator at a New York City antiquities museum, who unknowingly holds a piece of the puzzle. In an attempt to impress her superior, she begins to search through the museum storehouse to seek inspiration of future exhibits. Her search leads her to a dusty box no one has touched in years. Upon touching the box’s contents, she feels an arousal that takes her breath away. “Longing arose, so sharp and powerful that Kate cried out and fell back, breathing heavily. Physical need had her wet and aching, but that response was twisted together with a yearning so deep it made her want to weep.”

The puzzle begins its solution when Alec and Kate meet and their work, and eventual relationship, begins to heal the damage each one has deep in their souls, as well as the pain Alec’s tormentor feels. Romantic relationships are sometimes as rocky on the pages of a book as they are in real life. Alec and Kate, despite their mutual and immediate attraction, find that lust and trust do not go hand in hand. Why did Alec’s history sound like a lie? Did Kate want to accept what she saw when it went against everything she believed? There is much joy and satisfaction when trust is given and the final gift is opened.

Perhaps you’ve never read a paranormal romance. If you make “Nocturnal Whispers” your first, be warned, it may become an addiction.

Visit Caridad on her website and enjoy the exotic places her words will take you to.