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A Good Man

Some deaths take us by surprise and we have trouble finding the words to express our sorrow. Unfortunately, this morning I received news that wrung all the words out of me. It’s taken me a while to wrap my mind around it and pour my sorrow on a page.

My heart family has lost one of its shining stars. Warren Morrow was a young man who, while accomplished, had not yet fulfilled his true potential; we all knew he would get there because he had already charted the path to get there. I personally did not know him well and perhaps that distance allows me to put my grief into words, you see Warren was married to Christina Fernandez-Morrow, my comai’s niece. It was Chrissy I knew well. Before moving to Chicago, and later on Iowa, Chrissy and her family lived right here in Hudson County. Chrissy played, and fought, with my daughters, as kids are bound to do. She was surrounded by male cousins and my daughters gave her some feminine relief.

In Des Moines, Iowa, Warren and Chrissy worked to improve the lives in the Latino community. That was actually how they met; they were engaged, on stage, at a community event they put together. They loved the community and the community loved them back. Knowing that many Latino immigrants didn’t trust the banks, Warren created Coopera Consulting, a firm aimed at helping credit unions grow by tapping into the growing Latino population. Warren’s Linked In profile  may show how connected he was, but it cannot show the man who was beneath the words.

Warren was a family man and an advocate for adoption, he and Chrissy adopted their daughter, Ariana. They sent me a picture of their happy, proud faces on the day that Ariana legally became a Morrow. And she loved her Daddy something fierce! Warren and Chrissy were so vocal about adoption that they were chosen to have their photo on a billboard in Des Moines to encourage other Latinos to adopt.

As I write, family members are in route from Puerto Rico, Mexico, New Jersey, and Chicago to share their grief and derive comfort from each other in the tragic, and sudden, passing of a good man. Please keep this family in your prayers.

“Love and appreciate the people that God gave you, because He will need them back one day” – Unknown